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Trendease on the Move

'Trendease on the Move' features short, impromptu video clips from our travels. While the clips may not have all of the bells and whistles of Trendease DesignVision, we hope that they will inspire you none-the-less.

Get your popcorn ready!

Trendease on the Move: From Grass Juice to Textile

Pond has made the first textile made from grass juice. They extract the juice from grass, then bacteria eat it to produce a lactide that is polymerized into PLA, and then yarns are produced with similar strength to polyester, but made from 100% regenerative and recyclable resources. They use the same process with coffee mucilage, a layer removed from coffee beans that is usually discarded before roasting, but it is now saved and turned into shirts for coffee growers in Columbia. In this exclusive Trendease on the Move clip, Jennifer Castoldi speaks with Pond CEO and founder, Thomas Brorsen from Denmark.

Trendease on the Move: Happy Plastic Panels

The design industry is working towards circularity and here at Trendease, we always love tangible examples. At Heimtextil, Jonathan from Smile Plastics shows off their large decorative panels from recycled plastics. Better yet, there’s a buy back program to start the cycle again!

Trendease on the Move: Rebirth Through Natural Dyeing

Live demonstrations inspire us during Heimtextil. Imperfect can be beautiful at the hands of Sebastiaan Kramer of Hul le Kes, a Dutch brand that brings value back to textiles through upcycling, natural dyeing, and repair.

Trendease on the Move: The Softest Fruit Fibers

If you're not sustainable, you're not contemporary. Today at Heimtextil we've visited Lameirinho, a textile company that has launched its sustainable fiber home textiles at this edition of the show. Oranges, bananas, and pineapples have never been softer!

Trendease on the Move: Color with Food Waste

In Next Horizons there were many progressive materials to be discovered, like the collection from VIA University College, R&D Centre for Creative Industries and Professionals, which presented many textile samples of cotton, wool, and silk dyed from food waste. Onion skins, avocado seeds, and walnut shells are just a few examples to whet your appetite.

Trendease on the Move: Long Stays

At the Heimtextil summer special edition Trevira CS is showcasing an installation highlighting 260 flame retardant textiles in the setting of a long-stay apartment that has a bedroom, kitchen, living room, and office. This long-stay apartment offers visitors the chance to see the abundance of contract fabrics available. In this selection are also the 15 winners of the Trevira CS Fabric Competition, as well as the company’s trend directions.

Trendease on the Move: Sleep Reinvented

An astronomical number of mattresses are discarded every year that end up in landfill. What if there was an entirely novel product, which could last a lifetime, that would replace the mattress? No more flipping or rotating, and super clean. This handcrafted, precision engineered bed contours to the natural curves of the body. It is claimed to be “the most sustainable and technologically advanced bed in the world.” Independent testing claims the functional life of this system is over 250 years. At Heimtextil, we speak with Marlene Greenhalgh, managing director of Ammique.

Trendease on the Move: Porcelain Textiles

First prize in the Materials Innovations Category at the student competition of Techtextil goes to Magdalena Wierzbicka. Her 'Woven Spaces - Porcelain Textiles' translate the Thuringian tradition of porcelain lace from the late 19th century into modern-day design. The textiles are dipped, fired, and disappear due to the high temperature, leaving an ethereal form behind.

Trendease on the Move: Urban Living Megatrend

Urban Living: City of the Future is an installation curated by Stijlinstituut Amsterdam at Techtextil/Texprocess in the foyer of hall 4.2 where visitors to the fairs can find material and product innovations, as well as ideas around current societal and global challenges associated with the megatrend of urbanization. The projects in order of appearance in this Trendease on the Move video are Eco-Oh! with Envisions, DenimX, DUS Architects, Samira Boon, New Order of Fashion, Simon Post for Adidas, Bistro in Vitro and Artificial Womb by Next Nature Network, and Color Moves from Rombout Frieling.

Trendease on the Move: Inspired by the Venus Flytrap

Rebecca Schedler, from Berlin, just won the 1st place in the Micro-architecture Category at the Techtextil Student Competition for her design ‘Airdapt’. Inspired by the plant known as the Venus flytrap, this textile is a kinetic wall system driven by air. The prototype consists of two layers of PE film and one layer of acoustic felt. Large spaces can easily be divided with this new concept. Congratulations, Rebecca!

Trendease on the Move: Digital from Top to Bottom

Many substrates, oodles of applications, a single merging print design cascading across the stand of HP, designed and curated by Jennifer Castoldi, with surface design from Poppy Print Studio. Keep reinventing. The only limitation is your imagination.

Trendease on the Move: Vroom Vroom Print

Here's an attention grabbing digitally printed textile-wrapped car for your amusement, scouted by Trendease during Heimtextil 2019.

Trendease on the Move: Miracle Mattress Protection

Scouted at Heimtextil 2019, a fitted sheet that doubles as a mattress cover that is anti-dust mite, antimicrobial, breathable, thermoregulating, waterproof...

Trendease on the Move: Smart Pillow in the Cloud

'Sleep at Heimtextil' previews smart textiles and "homeables", wearable technology translated into home fashions. Live production of smart textiles will take place in May 2019 at Techtextil / Texprocess. Trendease will be there reporting live from the events.

Trendease on the Move: Can You Hear That

We are coming to you straight from the exhibition floor of Heimtextil 2019 in Frankfurt, Germany, where Trendease is exploring the new Hall 4.2 featuring the Interior.Architecture.Hospitality zone. We are excited about this novel material innovation for walls: digitally printed acoustic wallcoverings from Italy by Tecnografica.

Trendease on the Move: Sky Walker

Trendease designed and curated the stand for HP at Heimtextil, bringing in some talented surface designers. Known for hidden images with meaning, Katja of Elli Popp has added some here in her Cosmos collection for the bar and lounge nooks. Look closely at the seating, wallpaper disks, and tabletop, each containing a theme as the titles convey: Plastic, Oil, and Space Pollution, or Dying Bees. Surface design can have an impact far beyond that of pleasing aesthetics; it can be a catalyst for conversation and a positive influencer.

Trendease on the Move: The Kings of Kew

Biophilia. Kew Gardens are forever an inspiration to creatives based in London and visiting from around the globe. Annette Taylor Anderson has based her latest collection ‘All Things British’ on excursions to these enchanting grounds. This intricate backlit mural was sketched by Arka Chergui. Swooshing overhead, the length of the entire stand, is ‘Kews Ghost Roses’, underfoot is ‘Kews Leafy Florals’ and hanging above the bar are four Cork lampshades from Innermost. The six lampshades in the center of the bar lounge boast ATADesigns’ prints and are produced through Innermost’s own made to order shade business.

Trendease on the Move: Living Patterns and Memories

Trendease aims to stimulate a conversation about the “silver market” as an opportunity in an era of demographic and psychographic transformation. A business opportunity and also an opportunity to improve well-being as we age. According to The World Demographic Association, by the year 2025 it is estimated that there will be 1.2 billion people aged 60 and over on this planet. Age is being redefined. The association also pointed out this shift in mindset and refers to “Woopies” (well-off old people) and “best agers”, noting that “above all, this phenomenon reflects a change in perception of what it means to be old today”. This change in living can translate into a modification in decoration for these best agers. The living room setting presented at Heimtextil was designed and curated by Trendease for HP with this in mind. (OAP patterns from Angela Groundwater.)

Trendease on the Move: Washing Away Sands of Time

Trendease designed and curated the stand for HP at Heimtextil. This digitally-printed bathroom is home to Beth Travers’ ‘Hunted’ and ‘Sands of Time’ patterns from the ‘Before They Pass Away’ collection. The room is fashioned with motifs inspired by Africa. Beth comments, “This collection highlights global warming, extinction, and hunting. Change your thinking and you can change the world. Appreciate our planet and its inhabitants, celebrate our diverse cultures and be wowed by nature.”

Trendease on the Move: Ice-Dyed Bedroom

Trendease designed and curated the stand for HP at Heimtextil. We called upon Sasha Donkin who is influenced by the effects of global warming: she uses ice-dyeing; it is like tie-dye with an environmental message. Complementing Sasha’s designs in the bedroom are Charlotte O’Reilly’s immaculate illustrations. Special thanks to Innermost for their Lighthouse lamps, which give off the look of sunlight shimmering through ice in this interior.

Trendease on the Move: Fear Not the Dentist

Trendease designed and curated the stand for HP at Heimtextil. An office design is made to be as relaxing as possible by using interactive wallcovering with Dupenny’s mermaids to entertain the young ones and antibacterial wallpaper to keep germs at bay, plus latex inks are VOC-free. From South African surf photographer Kelly Cestari we incorporate a soothing wave to curl from the wall onto the vertical blinds for a calming effect during consultation. The lightbox is not only for x-rays; it is an ideal spot to demonstrate the different substrates available for backlit digital prints.

Trendease on the Move: Majeda Clarke

Majeda Clarke is an additional talent discovered by Trendease for the 1st Launch Pad at MoOD. She set out to learn the weaving method of the celebrated ‘Jamdani’ cloth, once acknowledged as the finest, sheerest cloth woven and spun by human hand, ‘Mal Mal’ or ‘woven air’ as the Romans called it. This textile has UNESCO World Heritage Status.

Trendease on the Move: Kathleen Farren

Another new talent scouted by Trendease for the MoOD Launch Pad is Kathleen Farren, who aims to push the boundaries of textiles by taking an experimental approach through her use of materials and techniques and takes inspiration from industrial urban metalwork like manhole covers and fencing.

Trendease on the Move: Cecilie Elisabeth Rudolph

‘Food as an Image’ and ‘Velbekomme’ (meaning Bon Appétit in Danish) are both projects centered on Cecilie Elisabeth Rudolph’s personal passion for food. They are also a response to the numerous culinary trends in pop culture. From caviar-beaded detailing to edible lace, this was a hit on the Launch Pad at MoOD Brussels.

Trendease on the Move: Katie Gillies

Katie Gillies was scouted by Trendease for the inaugural MoOD Launch Pad. She specializes in material innovation of textiles, wood, metal, and plastic. “A mixture of contemporary process and materials has been used to create this collection of surface coverings that could be applied to interior, industrial and architectural spaces,” notes Katie.

Trendease on the Move: Bolton School of the Arts

During Indigo Brussels Trendease caught up with Tom Sutton, lecturer at the University of Bolton School of the Arts, United Kingdom. Tom discusses highlights of the Textiles and Surface Design courses while we get to take a look at examples produced by the students: non-wovens, prints, embellishments, and a spotlight on the employability project.

Trendease on the Move: Diffus Design

Another intriguing innovation Trendease brought to the Launch Pad at MoOD was SpacEmotion from Diffus Design. This modular textile disc system can act as a light source, speaker, smoke alarm, and even a scent dispenser. Many more inspirational Launch Pads can be discovered at MoOD September 6-8, 2016 at Tour & Taxis in Brussels, Belgium.

Trendease on the Move: Printeriors 2016 Live on FESPATV

Join Jennifer Castoldi of Trendease International as she gives a tour of Printeriors for FESPATV live from the show floor. Printeriors, an exhibition within FESPA specifically focused on digital print for interiors, was held in Amsterdam this year. See the latest digital printing for the floor, the wall, textiles, transportation, and much more…

Trendease on the Move: Heimtextil Well-Being 2016/17

The 2nd edition of Heimtextil’s Theme Park is open to the public! Trendease speaks with some of the members of the Trend Table about the Well-Being 4.0 theme for 2016/2017. Take a journey through five of the trend cocoons and get a sense of the directions for the coming seasons. More in depth reports will publish on soon!

Trendease on the Move: Lianne Cooley

Scouted by Trendease International, the Indigo Launch Pad exhibitors in Brussels highlighted talent from the institutions offering degrees in surface design. Lianne Cooley, recent graduate of Cleveland College of Art & Design, creates digital designs for wallpaper and interiors by manipulating hand-painted art with computer software.

Trendease on the Move: Rand Gylden

Launch Pad is a fresh initiative by MoOD, curated by Trendease International, showcasing some of the brightest talent entering the home fashion arena scouted from around the world. First up is Rand Gylden, a woven textile design and development company, founded in October 2014 by Danish Design Duo Signe Rand Ebbesen and Simon Gylden.

Trendease on the Move: Colours of Thailand

With support from the Department of International Trade Promotion, Colours of Thailand is a weekend-long extravaganza at Westfield London for the public to experience Thai culture like never before. The home spa has grown in importance with recent lifestyle shifts and these products and services offer rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation for all.

Trendease on the Move: Fabric Made from Milk!

Fabric made from milk?!?! You read correctly. Let your inner textile nerd rejoice with this technical introduction by Qmilk founder, microbiologist/fashion designer, Anke Domaske. In the symposium snippets, learn about milk as a textile, how Qmilk is made, the qualities of the material, and the wide range of product categories to which it is applicable.

Trendease on the Move: On Demand Digital Printing

Individualized on demand digital printing is the future of personalized design. At Texprocess 2015 Brother had on display its CMYK printer, which was printing unique patterns and motifs on Converse sneakers, as well as t-shirts, and could even apply to decorative pillowcases. Great for in-house proofing or customized retail experiences.

Trendease on the Move: 1st Washable Digital T-Shirt

This instantly customizable t-shirt with LED screen, known as the “tshirtOS 2.0”, from Switch Embassy with Forster Rohner technology, won the Techtextil New Concept Innovation Award 2015. The tshirtOS is reported to be the world’s first washable digital t-shirt and has the potential to be used in other fields such as interior textiles.

Trendease on the Move: Innovative Apparel Show

On the eve of the opening of the 2015 editions of Messe Frankfurt’s Techtextil and Texprocess fairs, Trendease got an avant-première showing of the Innovative Fashion Show scheduled to hit the runway daily in the foyer of halls 5.1 and 6.1. Functional materials and high tech fashion highlights are coupled with hot dances moves.

Trendease on the Move: Heimtextil 2015 Fashion

Students from the Technical College of Apparel Design draw inspiration from the 2015 collections of Heimtextil exhibitors, like Pad Home Design, to bring us the “Ambitious Style Mix”, a mélange of material combinations for a new visual perspective of color, pattern, and texture.

Trendease on the Move: Design Charity Out of the Dark

Jay and Jade Blades are founders of Out of the Dark, “a charitable social enterprise that recycles, restores and revamps salvaged furniture as a means to train, educate and employ young people from disadvantaged backgrounds”, located in High Wycombe, former capital of chair manufacturing in the U.K.

Trendease on the Move: Design Plant at TIFF 2014

Live from the Thailand International Furniture Fair, we visit the Design Plant, a showcase for local design studios to present their goods to the global market.  In a sea of wood and metal, color pops out; it is a design trend also seen around the world, gaining momentum in larger pieces and case goods.

Trendease on the Move: The Collider Personalized Printer at Heimtextil

The Collider by Paul Ferragut is an interactive, personalized printer linked to an iPad. Once users select their designs and colors from the Generate Collision trend palette, the algorithm is translated to a one-of-a-kind piece. Here lies an opportunity for mass-customization.

Trendease on the Move: Body Paint by Memo Akten at Heimtextil

A child enjoys interacting with the Body Paint installation by Memo Akten within the Generate Collision section of the Heimtextil trend forum. Paint on a virtual canvas using your body movements, gestures, and dance as the brush. No cleanup required.

Trendease on the Move: Upcycling Live from Heimtextil

At the 'Young Creations Award: Upcycling' Carolin Dietmann talks about her 'Crashing Barcelona' upholstered piece that takes work wear and scaffolding to a luxurious level, inspired by Mies van der Rohe's Barcelona Chair.

Trendease on the Move: Heimtextil Trends Progress! Revive! 2014-2015

On the eve before Heimtextil opens its doors we present you with this sneak peek of the four trends on show in the Trend Forum for 2014/2015 titled Progress! Revive!  The final touches are still under way...  So exciting!

Trendease on the Move: Bacterial Cellulose at Heimtextil

Stefan Schwabe and Jannis Hulsen present a bacterial cellulose at Heimtextil that can be grown and fashioned into unique forms. Visit them to see it for yourself in the Engineer Nature Trend space in Forum 0 at Messe Frankfurt.

Trendease on the Move: Mobella Sets Sail

Khun Taa explains to us how he has interpreted the shape and fabric ties at the bow of the boats found in southern Thailand and developed a new leather chair with them in mind.  Culture is a reoccurring theme in his work.

Trendease on the Move: Day #1 TIFF Teaser

It's day #1 at the Thailand International Furniture Fair (TIFF 2012) with Jennifer Castoldi. Here is a quick teaser featuring design highlights from the show.

Trendease on the Move: Live from TIFF 2012 - The Mr. & Mrs. Chairs

At the Thailand International Furniture Fair this 2012 under the brand name Kassra, Pariyaporn (Koi) Thammarungsee designed the Mr. and Mrs. leather chairs for Mobella. Colleague and designer Taa Anuphon explains the new concept with Jennifer Castoldi of Trendease International, media partner to MyThaiDesign.

Trendease on the Move: Waste-to-Wealth Interview TIFF 2011

Interview with Jennifer Castoldi and Dr. Singh Intrachooto.  More text and product images at in the March 2011 issue, Trendease Weekly Newsletter #351.

Trendease on the Move: Interview with Anupol YY on the Kowma Collection

This interview corresponds to Trendease Weekly Newsletter #352 in the April 2011 edition.

Trendease on the Move: Martyn Lawrence Bullard - In Bed with Cher & Other Stories

Our chief creative director, Jennifer Castoldi, recently had the distinct pleasure of sitting down with the internationally esteemed, award-winning interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard, to talk with him about some of his projects and his new line of fabrics launching this summer. Based in Los Angeles, Bullard has designed the interiors of Cher, Sir Elton John, Edward Norton, Christina Aguilera, Kid Rock, and Cheryl Tiegs, just to name a few. Our intern made this behind-the-scenes video. (For the full feature subscribers can click here.)

Trendease on the Move: Red Dress

This video is part of Jennifer's June Journal in the June 2008 issue of Trendease. Visit for more highlights of the DMY Berlin International Design Festival.