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MoOD Trend Preview

19. May. 2009

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For 30 years you have known the fair as Decosit Brussels. In September during the anniversary celebration it was announced that the tradeshow was evolving to be called MoOD – Meet only Original Designs. MoOD Extends beyond Decosit’s upholstery offering to bring you upholstery, curtains, sheers, and wallcoverings. It is with great pleasure that Trendease brings you a sneak peek of the 2010-2011 trends to be presented at the September 2009 event. Within the theme Velocity Kills the Cat viewers can learn about three directional groups: Reputation Garage, Ayni, and Englishness. Timely buzz phrases to gain knowledge of include the New Faux Poor, Discreet Luxury, the Slash-Slash Generation, ‘Kausay Pacha’ and more. The color stories seen here have Pantone color references available in the MoOD inspirations book. Now sit back and relax as we get you in the MoOD.

MoOD is one of the 100+ international design events the Trendease Team travels to in order to bring our readers cutting-edge design information straight to their computer screens via www.Trendease.com.

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Comment by Jennifer Castoldi 28. May. 2009
During the ICFF in New York, Cite celebrated a contemporary design collective of 23 emerging Dutch designs and one photographer. The title of ‘400 Years Later’ was ideal; in 1609 the Dutch discovered New York, and in 2009 New Yorkers are invited to discover Dutch design. You can discover the photographer mentioned above in the this episode. Starting at time count 7:35 there are two images shown. These are titled ‘Hair Basketry’ and were photographed by Lisa Lappe for Iris van Daalen. The first image seen shows a captain’s wife whose husband is out at sea, possibly never to return again. The boat hair sculpture represents the feelings of the longing wife who would prefer to “change her thoughts into silver”, which is a Dutch expression stating that one would like to take the certain for the uncertain. In the second image “the captain’s wife is literally bowing under the weight of her life, her marriage and her work.” Regardless of this weight of the world she is still striking with her delicately woven hair like a basket.
Comment by Jennifer Castoldi 21. May. 2009
The strange picture seen around 3:20 is a shower curtain by Elisabeth Bueche that inflates after a few minutes in the shower. The spikes push you out of the shower in order to conserve water. Just in case some of you prefer more drama than an egg timer...