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Heimtextil Trends 2009/2010

19. Jan. 2009

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The new Heimtextil Trend Table asks us to go beyond our imaginations and expect the unexpected for 2009/2010. During the fair, which ran January 14-17, 2009, the collaborators envisioned six fresh trends: Illusionist, Time Traveller, Fortune Teller, Alchemist, Witchcraft, and Enchanted. Join our host Jennifer Castoldi as she takes you back to the future through an adventure full of moving walls, barking dogs, fragmented architecture, merging cultures, and an ever-changing art installation. All of this brings inspiration into the world of international textiles for the following years. “Accept the unexpected.”

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Comment by Annette Taylor-Anderson 24. Feb. 2009
I'm thinking about visiting or even exhibiting at Heimtextil and watching your presentation has given me a taste........ THANKs - GOOD JOB
Comment by blair porter 27. Jan. 2009
As usual, another job well done. Your interest and knowledge shines throughout the production.
Comment by Sunanda 20. Jan. 2009
Wow Jennifer! You made me see that... what I couldn't... even after walking through that trend forum! You show to people what they often miss to see when they're standing right in the middle of it! Great reporting... keep it up!
Comment by Ernesto 19. Jan. 2009
Great job Jennifer! ..as always, and done in a record time!
Comment by Manuel Oliveira 19. Jan. 2009
Obrigado, excelente trabalho, devem continuar, parabéns.
Thank you, excellent work. Should be continue. Congratulations.
Comment by Nina May 19. Jan. 2009
Great episode! I felt like I was there. Loved Jennifer's outfit too.
Comment by Florian 19. Jan. 2009
Bravo à tous pour cette vidéos très riche en inspiration ! Heimtextil est vraiment un événement à ne pas manquer. J'attends la prochaine émission avec impatience !!!
Good job !
Comment by Fabrice 19. Jan. 2009
Comment by Clemens 19. Jan. 2009
Very good show, indeed! Very informative and full of inspiration. Keep up the great work.
Comment by Blaise 19. Jan. 2009
Best one yet, IMO. They keep getting better and better!