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Fifty Shades of Green

15. Mar. 2013

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Being green, sustainable, and responsible is something for which to aim. Producing and buying in this manner is not black or white, but many shades in between. Familiarize yourself with terms like Corporate Social Responsibility, triple bottom line, Life Cycle Assessment, cradle to cradle, recycle and upcycle, adaptive reuse, waste management, and fair-trade. Transparency is king. Ask many questions so you can make informed decisions. Be aware that there are even more than fifty shades of green!


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Fifty Shades of Green

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Comment by Trendease Team 26. Mar. 2013

Ooops! We made a mistake. Please note that the ellipse lamp (at 3:45) is from Neweba - we missed an 'e'.

And it now saves a whopping 80% on the energy bill compared to the halogen version!

Comment by Trendease Team 23. Mar. 2013

Right on trend!