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Creative Tabletops

17. Mar. 2009

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In the latest episode of Trendease DesignVision our hostess, Jennifer Castoldi, looks deep within the category of tabletop to highlight some of today’s most inspiring items. It’s not the tabletop you knew as a child! There are novel shapes and functionalities which entertain us and make use of crumbs and juices. See how the city, Mother Nature, the animal kingdom, and fashion influence the newest wares. Motifs add humor and mimic the great outdoors. Textiles go green. Materials are mixed and matched and clever inventions make serving easier. Now tables around the globe will be more stylish and user-friendly!

At the time of airing these products represent a selection from the 2837 images of tabletop designs found within www.Trendease.com.

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Comment by Jennifer Castoldi 31. Mar. 2009
As promised, you will be entertained with the irony found on the two dishes with text starting at 3:54. Pause the video and try to read what they say. It's a hoot! (The dishes are customizable, by-the-way.)
Comment by Danielle Guttman 19. Mar. 2009
My favorite episode so far. That pink is a good color for you.
Comment by Blaise 18. Mar. 2009
Hey! I recognize some of those dishes ; ) Looking good, as usual!
Comment by Erin 18. Mar. 2009
Love that hairstyle! Fun product line...
Comment by Jennifer Castoldi 17. Mar. 2009
Thanks ladies!
There is something quite funny and ironic if one is to look closely at two of the products. I will post what it is here if nobody catches it by next week.
Comment by Nina May 17. Mar. 2009
Love all the innovative tabletop products this episode. You look very nice in your orange as well.
Comment by blair porter 17. Mar. 2009
oh what fun!!! why didn't they have these fun plates and bowls when you were growing up? another great episode.
Comment by MaryJane Mitchell 17. Mar. 2009