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Walls and Wonders

05. Sep. 2013

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The 2013 edition of Meet only Original Designs is just around the corner. There is an exciting new exhibitor at MoOD: HP, as in Hewlett Packard. Watch this episode of Trendease DesignVision to learn about the impressive digital printing technologies for home fashion items that HP will bring to the exhibition. In addition to a visit to HP’s demo lab in Barcelona, you can also get a sneak peek of some samples that will be present in the Innovation Platform, as well as a selection of the wallcoverings on offer from the long list of MoOD exhibitors who all own their own designs. That means that customization, individualization, and specialization are all in the realm of possibility!

MoOD is one of 100+ design events Trendease attends each year. Subscribers to www.trendease.com can see detailed MoOD coverage once logged in. Remember MoOD is more than 3 days per year; it is 365 days of inspiration at MooodBrussels.com.

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Trendease DesignVision: Walls and Wonders

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